Our Programs

Our Programs

Grow and scale your startup by partnering with Chinook Lab

Founders Incubator Program

The Founders Program is focused on how the startups in our cohort will achieve product-market fit via continuos experimentation around the right combination from product design, customer discovery, go-to-market strategy and team building.

  1. We provide a 12 - 24 months incubator program depending on the startup.
  2. It has an online module to follow-up (online training and mentorship) with the startups after the incubator program.
  3. We establish industry connections for our startups to connect with like-minded individuals, find talent and network.
  4. We provide pre-seed and potential follow-up funding for our startups along with our co-investors.
  5. We accelerate business growth through partnership with corporate organisations.

Corporate Innovation Program

Through our corporate partnership program, we will work with most talented entrepreneurs to drive change in selected industries “Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Transportation etc. as a sole partner or as part of a consortium with other top innovative brands to solve corporation's key challenges during the incubation period. Through this initiative, Corporate organization will:

  1. Transform their company culture by injecting new ways of thinking around innovation, cost reduction and rapid product development.
  2. Embrace disruption by mentoring and collaborating with the most talented entrepreneurs disrupting their industry.

Women in Tech & Entrepreneurship

Women are under-represented and under-funded in technology and investment companies. We partner for long-term success and will invest in women-led or co-led technology companies from pre-seed stage. We will look for promising companies that bring together the right technology, team and resources to transform or disrupt today’s markets own by Women-owned businesses and youth entrepreneurs to create opportunities and promote gender equality in Innovations inclusive business.


Production validation and customer development
Office Space

We provide access to a world class co-working space for startups in the incubator program.

A global network of corporate partners

We offer hands-on advice from diverse network of industry insiders, technology and business experts.

Insight from mentors and advisors

We provide access to pre-seed funding and generate opportunities for follow-up financing.

Seed Capital
Partner Resources

Our startups have access to business support, training and more from our incubator partners.


January (2019)
Application Closed

June (2019) - Mars Cohort
Open from March 2019 - May 2019

November (2019) - Neptune Cohort
Open from August 2019 - December 2019